Marie Holdaway

Wine Label Design – Crafters Union Wine

Crafters Union Wine had a wine label design competition (Wear Your Art On Your Sleeve). Although I didn't win, I was stoked to be able to create something for such a beautifully put together brand.

Brief: This Pinot Gris is a case study in texture and balance. Sourced from the stunning Hawke’s Bay, this pale green wine has golden hues supporting a bouquet of nectarine and pear. The palate showcases fresh melon and apple alongside a voluptuous texture and rounded finish. Clear, concise and considerably tasty.

My solution: Follow the road less-travelled to savour some of
New Zealand’s most unique and memorable landscapes. Textures of the gentle, rolling hills contrast against cliffs and the swirling sea. The golden sun lazily lingers and falls behind Cape Kidnappers. The warm hues, green and blue surroundings work in harmony while the sheer, jagged cliff and silky, smooth ocean create a unique contrast that will stay with you for a while. After all, it’s what makes New Zealand unique. It’s the unique colours and balance in nature paired the incredible contrast of our landscapes. Best enjoyed at sunset.

Hand-crafted watercolour contrasts against textured, patterned fine point pen to create a depiction of a picture-perfect Summer sunset at one of New Zealand’s most memorable landscapes.

Marie-Holdaway-Artwork-crafters union wine-artonyoursleeve.jpg
Marie-Holdaway-Artwork-crafters union wine-artonyoursleeve-2.jpg