Marie Holdaway

Logo Design – West Villages Florida

Client work at ChappellRoberts. Graphic Designer.

West Villages Florida is a lifestyle community and city, close to some of Florida's most beautiful beaches and nature walks. ChappellRoberts re-branded West Villages Florida, to capture the quality-living experience they offered their residents.

Strategy and product.
We developed a logo that would appeal to the target audience, feel up-market and modern, and most of all – capture the natural elements resident's would be surrounded by. The orange in the logo mark represents the abundant sun in Florida, the deep blue wave depicts sea water, while the green represents both lake water and nature trails. The end result is a clean, legible logo that will be featured on all branding elements – from online, print to location branding (printed in concrete, realtor signs, street pole banners etc.)

Senior Art Director – Lissy Anger