Marie Holdaway

Waiheke Waste Resources Trust – Brochure Design

Timeline. 2 weeks

Type of work. Client and pro bono
Client. Waiheke Local Board, Auckland City Council

I was approached by a member of Auckland City Council to design a flier that would bring awareness to the water shortages on Waiheke Island, New Zealand over Summer. The aim of the flier was to educate new residents, tourists and locals alike, to reduce and conserve water usage over the 'dry season' to eliminate water draughts. I was given creative direction to create artwork that was pop-art feeling, brightly colored and featured a Waiheke bach.

I developed an overall style that encompassed the bright, positive and fun pop-art style and that had illustrations of iconic Waiheke baches, water tanks and the landscape. The typography was eye-catching and visible when stacked on a shelf/ DLE stand.

It was important for the information to be legible and with strong hierarchy, so people could read the flier quickly without being overwhelmed/ disheartened by the large body of text.

The end result was a two sided, eye-catching and legible flier that will educate people on water conservation quickly and with a positive tone of voice.