Marie Holdaway

Poster Design – Kaleidoscope Performing Arts

Timeline. 2 days
Type of work. Client, pro-bono
Client. Kaleidoscope Performing Arts

I had the pleasure of creating promotional poster to advertise a fundraising fair for Kaleidoscope Performing Arts.

My first step after briefing with the client, I think of imagery, colors and textures that are associated with fairs, but because this wasn't a typical fair, (it's more humble, with baking and tea, home-made knitting and face painting) I wanted to ensure the style and design of the poster would capture that feel. I realized the coloring and treatment of the artist Lovely Sweet William would best portray this mood. The soft toning and bright colors helped represent the fun and joy that fairs bring, while the hand-rendered typography and watercolor texture made it more down-to earth and approachable. A style that I absolutely adore doing, which best incorporates the soft toning and creates the most interesting watercolor textures, is doing 5-6 different layers of tea-staining and watercolor pencils wash, on top of my illustrations. I start off with a very faint tea-stain, and gradually add darker and more refined watercolor pencil layers to the illustrations I create. And then top it all off with a dark outline of pencil. I then photograph/ scan in my created illustrations, tweak them in Camera Raw and lay them out on Photoshop, adjusting the blending modes, exposure, color balance accordingly. This whole process took me 2 days, one day for creating the illustrations, one day for producing the poster in Photoshop.