Marie Holdaway

Anaf Nail Salon Packaging Design

Student work at Sessions College (Grade: A+)

Challenge. The exclusive Anaf Spa and Salon wants to use our product in their salon. We need to give the carton a face lift—to transform it from a mass to a prestige package. We also need this carton to work for us on the salon shelves as they will be offered for sale to convey that extended “at home salon” feel.

Strategy and end result.
The design was inspired and influenced by our beautiful, natural surroundings & the bliss and beauty you feel after visiting a spa. The clean, modern typography is influenced by other products that are upmarket, making the nail polish remover pads instantly fit into that bucket. The colour palettes chosen create a complimenting contrast against the colours in Anaf Salon’s interior and are inspired by nature. The end result ensures the package is something customers would be happy to have on their bathroom counter, and most importantly captures the essence of Anaf Salon.