Marie Holdaway




It all started when...

Marie knew she was supposed be in the creative industry ever since she developed an infatuation with visual diaries and drawing as an ankle biter.

Her passion for drawing and creating quirky things lead her to graphic design in 2009, where she began studying. Marie dedicated herself entirely to her studies, knowing that this is what she wanted to do as a career, and was awarded Pass with Excellence.

After studying, Marie kick-started her design career in New York City to emerge herself in the thriving design industry there. Initially, she landed two internships at different agencies working 5 days, and was waitressing weekends and late nights.

After completing her internships, she worked as a junior graphic designer at a socially conscious design studio, then became an in-house designer at a Brooklyn record label and also at a digital management agency. Marie learned the importance of not only designing to excellent quality and attention to detail, but the value of time management and technical skills. It was at the digital management agency where she was exposed to designing for web, and learned about social media management. After Marie's work in New York City, she returned to New Zealand and worked as a freelance designer for numerous agencies and studios – gaining technical skills, adaptability and efficiency while meeting, and working for, inspiring folks in the industry.

From there Marie moved to Tampa, Florida where she has expanded her skills into her newly promoted Art Director title at an advertising agency. She collaborates with the team to try create the best outcome for clients. Her accounts have been: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Florida Hospital, Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo and beyond. 

Marie's main goal (for now) is to create design for social change, and to make her mark in the design industry. She keeps her eye on the prize, by being inspired by fellow designers making a name for themselves doing what they love, and with a touch of determination and positivity.

Marie still has an infatuation with visual diaries and drawing, but now her drawings aren't of Barbie Dolls.